We stopped manufacturing Rosebrook valves in Januaury 2012.  Rosebrook hydraulic tracers have been helping fabricators of metal, wood, plastic and stone for over 40 years.  We manufactured the highest quality hydraulic tracers available.  We offered one, two and three axis hydraulic tracers in manual, semi-automatic and automatic versions.  We are also the manufacturer of MIMIK hydraulic tracers for lathes and large turning applications.  We maintain an inventory of new valve parts for many of the valves.  We may be able to offer repair service at our factory for tracing valves.  Rosebrook valves can replace many other brands such as True-Trace, Aerotrace, Cadillac, Gettys, Duplomatic and any other you might have.  For MIMIK  lathe tracer systems please go to our site  For a True-Trace replacement reference please go to our site

MODEL 3000
Hydraulic tracer valves are a special kind of hydraulic control valve.  There is a stylus which comes in contact with a template.  The template should be a 1:1 model of the surface to be fabricated.  When the stylus comes in contact wtih the template it moves spools within the valve. This  allows hydraulic fluid to flow from the pressure source to the cylinder or motor and thereby move the table or tool. 
Hydraulic pressure requirements range from 250 PSI to as much as 1000PSI.  The flow rate requirements range from 2GPM to as much as 8 GPM.  Higher pressure and flow have a tendency to reduce chatter.
Rosebrook Tracers Inc is familiar with tracer valves and tracing applications.  While we only manufacture Rosebrook and MIMIK valves, we understand that there may be questions about other brands.  We will cheerfully answer questions that you may have about tracing regardless of brand.  Since we have not manufactured the other brands we may not have the full knowledge required to answer your specific question.  Our valves will perform almost any imaginable tracing job and many brands other than ours can be easily replaced by Rosebrook or MIMIK. 
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